Costs of Borrowing

We believe in transparency and want you to know exactly what it will cost to borrow from us. With Zebra Loans it’s black and white – what you see is what you get.

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  • Interest is charged at 1.5% per day on the unpaid balance at the end of the day. Interest only accrues up to 90 days past the due date.
  • This is equal to an APR of 547.5% per annum


Our fees are as follows:

  • $25 Loan Establishment Fee
  • $5 Direct Debit Fee
  • $20 Default Fee
  • $15 Wage Deduction Fee
  • $50 Referral Fee to debt collection agency
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Should you borrow money if you already have debt?

If you are already in debt we would advise you not to take out a Zebra loan. Borrowing money when you already have other debt will only increase your financial responsibilities. Talk to the Citizens Advice Bureau or visit for budgeting advice.

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