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Unsecured Loans: Quick and Easy Unsecured Cash Loan in 60 Minutes

We keep it simple: you need a loan, and we’re prepared to lend it. At Zebra Loans, we show that we care for our customers by keeping our system as easy and quick as possible.

Unsecured Loans
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The Preferred Loan For Countless Kiwis

Life is unpredictable, and in some cases those unpredictable events can be costly. When you have a sudden bill that needs to be paid, borrowing from your business, family, or friends isn’t always easy to do. And many people do not want to take out a serious loan from a bank for a small loan that will be settled quickly.

This is why Zebra Loans offers quick and easy unsecured cash loans for people looking for a small yet crucial boost to get them over the edge of that sudden expense. We provide New Zealand applicants with the perfect short-term loan situation: zero hassle, simple terms, and absolutely instant.

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Car Loan, Wedding Loan, and More

There are a number of reasons why you might want to take out a fast unsecured personal loan. Common reasons for unsecured loan applications include:

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Car loans:

Money for car repairs, or to help finance a new car

Wedding icon

Wedding loans

Weddings can be expensive, but the one-time payment makes it easy to pay back

Medical icon

Medical bills:

Hospital bills need to be paid right away, and we’re always here to help

Debt consolidation icon

Debt consolidation

Make your debts easier by paying them off and consolidating them

A Low-Income Loan Option

At Zebra Loans, low-income is the last thing that will stop an application from getting approved. We look into your background as a potential borrower, as we care more about your employment and employment stability than your income.

Our interest rates are based on your income, and we will never take more than 25% of your income per pay cycle. This makes repayment easy and simple.

A Low-Income Loan Option
Personal and Flexible Considerations

Personal and Flexible Considerations

We understand that loans can be scary, and repayments can be a heavy burden. That’s why we provide personal and flexible considerations, depending on your situation. We offer partial or full early repayments with no penalties, and you can pay over your chosen number of repayments.

How To Qualify With Bad Credit

How can you qualify for a Zebra loan? Here are some of our criteria:


At least 18 years of age


Active bank account


Permanent employment


New Zealand citizen, or resident in New Zealand


Pay is electronically transferred to your bank account


Computer and mobile phone access for verification and communication


Earning at least $400 per week


Active email address



Once you have provided all necessary documentation and completed our application, we will go over your case and do our best to find a solution that will best work for you.

Our Happy Customers


- Cameron W.

“Thank you, that was fast and painless.”

- Lata B.

“So grateful. You guys are the best loan company I have come across so far!”

- James S.

“Thank you and the Zebra team for being the friendliest loan company around.”

Why Zebra Loans:

Low Interest, Easy Repayment, and More

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Borrower-Friendly Rates and Fees

Affordable interest rates, straightforward fees, and flexible repayment options.

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Money Right Here, Right Now

Your application will be processed and reviewed as soon as you send it in. After approval, funds can be transferred within 60 minutes, straight to your account.

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Online Application

Say goodbye to nervous phone calls and long lines. We have a quick and easy online application system that protects your confidentiality.

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No Collateral

Unlike secured loans, unsecured loans require no collateral, making it easier and risk-free for all our borrowers.

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Online Loan Calculator

Kiwis Deserve Transparency And Efficiency

Use our online calculator below to find out how much you may be able to borrow. Your potential loan amounts will vary depending on a number of factors. Rates and fees are displayed to give you a complete understanding of your personal loan:

Find out how much you may be able to borrow

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FAQ: Maneuvering Bad Credit Finance and More

Can I apply for a payday loan?

Yes. At Zebra Loans, we offer payday loans and cash advance loans, with simple, borrower-friendly repayment terms.

Can I apply for a loan again?

If you have already successfully applied for a personal loan from Zebra Loans in the past, you should have no problem applying for successive personal loans in the future.

Do you have loan repayment insurance?

Zebra Loans charges certain fees for missed payments, and will attempt to contact you if your payments are dishonoured. We will do our best to work with you to arrange a new schedule for successful payments.

Is this credit good for long-term financial needs?

No. Zebra Loans is intended to help short-term financial needs.

What are your interest rates?

Interest is charged at 1.5% per day on the unpaid balance at the end of the day.

What other fees come with your loans?

We work hard to make sure to provide the most borrower-friendly loans NZ citizens and residents can take advantage of. Our additional fees can include a Loan Establishment Fee, a Direct Debit Fee, a Default Fee, a Wage Deduction Fee, and a Referral Fee to a debt collection agency.