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Violet Ryan

Such an amazing service. Super easy to use even for people like me with no prior loaning experience. And gets the money straight to your account too! Payment was automatically deducted from my paycheck. So convenient.

Millie Quin

Zebra loans really got me out of some tight spaces. Money right when I needed it, straight to my account. Paying them off was super fuss-free, too. Great service, even better customer help.

Erin Elliott

I didn’t even think these services existed. Got my money in under an hour. Easy to use and hooks up straight to my bank account. Thanks guys.

Theodore Young

Discovered Zebra loans from a friend and I couldn’t be any more grateful. Received money the same day I applied. Thanks to them, I was able to pay off a medical emergency. Amazing service.

Angela Dines

Spent a few minutes completing my online application form. Went out for lunch and immediately got a notification that the money was already in my account. How efficient is that?

Jack Velasquez

This service means so much to me. You can’t believe how many times Zebra loans has helped me get out of a jam. Definitely recommending to all my friends!

Molly Rogers

I just want to say thanks to the entire team at Zebra. I really haven’t got any clue when it comes to loaning but their only application was so easy and so fast that it was like asking a friend for money.

Bella Lee

My friends and I were going on a quick trip out of town and I needed some money ASAP. One of them told me about Zebra Loans and I got the budget I needed just in time. Just amazing.

Jude Ronin

A million thanks for such an easy service. Thanks to Zebra I was able to settle my new apartment’s down payments. It’s great to know you have faster financing options now.

Hudson Simpson

I can’t believe a service like this exists. Zebra loans makes borrowing money so easy. You don’t have to put anything as collateral, which is just super cool of them.

Scarlett Diaz

I was expecting to have to sign off my house for an urgent loan but was pleasantly surprised to see there wasn’t any. Thanks for making loaning so easy.

Imogen Weaver

Zebra loans just made borrowing great again. I didn’t have to wait through a line or make any dodgy agreements. I just signed up, got the money in under an hour. Incredible.

Hayley Newman

There was a sale on a laptop I’ve always wanted but I didn’t have the money on-hand. Zebra loans wired me the money almost immediately after I sent in my application. So convenient!

Connor Whitworth

Really got me out of a sticky situation right when I need it. Got my paycheck yesterday and saw that the debt was automatically deducted. Their systems are so seamless.

Rupert Ling

I’ve tried several banks for just a short term loan but none of them would give me reasonable terms. I didn’t have to agree to anything crazy with Zebra. Just signed up, received cash, and paid!

Abigail Choi

I couldn’t wait for my paycheck to arrive in a couple more days and Zebra helped me out. Received money the same day I applied! Now that’s just unbelievable.

Gerard Hansen

Urgent service for urgent situations. Incredible team, fast processing, and helpful customer service.

Mila McEwan

Been using this service for 10 months now and all I can say is it has never failed me. Reliable, efficient, and just unbelievably convenient.

Luca Clark

Needed some emergency money so I signed up. Wasn’t expecting them to process my application so fast. Received what I needed on the same day too!

Elijah Hewson

I’ve done same day loaning before but I didn’t have a very good experience. Zebra loans is professional in every way, though. Amazing customer service and even better policies.

Sadie Kane

I just want to extend my thanks to the team for being so helpful. I couldn’t figure out something about my cash advance and they really helped me through my application. Many thanks.

Frankie Goodrem

Getting a loan when you have bad credit is like asking a genie for your fourth wish. I wasn’t expecting much so I couldn’t believe it when my loan came through. What a wonderful service!

Ryan Mitchell

Thanks so much Zebra loans. Being on bad credit isn’t the best thing in the world but you guys helped me get up on my feet again.

Gloria Martinelli

They don’t discriminate against people with bad credit. I submitted my application and was confirmed almost immediately. Finally paid them today in full with my new job. So happy this service exists.

Such an efficient process you

Such an efficient process you have. Thank you so so much for all your help. I really appreciate it and will continue to use your company in future.

Sarah M.

Thank you!! Great service. So

Thank you!! Great service. So quick and easy!

Pauline F.

Thank you so much. Your

Thank you so much. Your customer service is outstanding.

Nicole G.

Thank you, that was fast

Thank you, that was fast and painless.

Cameron W.

So grateful. You guys are

So grateful. You guys are the best loan company I have come across so far!

Lata B.

Thank you and the Zebra

Thank you and the Zebra team for being the friendliest loan company around.

James S.


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