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Payday Loans: Get up to $2000 into Your Bank Account in 60 Minutes

Your extra payday, before your payday. When you need an advance on your payday and your boss just won’t budge, Zebra Loans is here to help you out.

Payday Loans
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Reliable and Urgent Payday Loans

You’re counting the days until your next paycheck but sometimes expenses can turn up unannounced. Zebra Loans is here to give you financial support by giving you access to an advance petty cash, so you can enjoy complete financial freedom even before your income rolls in.

Our payday loans are here to help you secure the money you need for your daily needs. We take your employment history and your salary into consideration, not only your current credit rating. This is because we believe that every Kiwisaver should have access to reliable cash loans, whenever they need it.

Don’t Let Your Calendar Dictate Your Spending

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You’re Not Alone

Thinking Of Getting A Payday Loan?

Studies show that over half of New Zealanders over the age of 15 are in some sort of debt. The most common debts include:

  • Real estate financing
  • Educational loans
  • Automotive loans
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Statistics show that real estate financing makes up the majority of recorded debt at 87%. On the other hand, educational loans and consumer durables (including loans for vehicles and even household appliances) only take up 6% and 7% of the total debt.

More and more people are taking out payday loans to get ahead of their payments, so much so that half of the country’s GDP is composed of loans on interest-only terms. With a surge in demand, we at Zebra Loans have prepared flexible financial solutions in your time of need.

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Beyond Lending

There are many reasons why you would take up a personal loan, and there’s no need to feel shame for that. We understand that urgent expenses come up. As an employed and responsible individual, you want to make sure your bills and expenses are paid on time. We enjoy offering professional financial assistance knowing that we are helping out hardworking people like you.

If you are considering going into a big debt with a bank or other financial institution, consider first if you can solve your issues with a short-term loan from Zebra Loans. The shorter your loan, the easier it is to get off your back. Maybe we’re the answer you need. Reclaim your spending power today.

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Don’t Let Bad Credit Hold You Back

If you’ve been rejected for a loan in the past because of your bad credit history, you might be reluctant to try again. But at Zebra Loans, we understand that maintaining a positive credit score isn’t always easy, especially when faced with difficult circumstances.

We go through every application thoroughly, because we believe in matching as many Kiwis as possible with the loans they need. Circumstances change, and so do people and our financial attitude. Just because you’ve been rejected in the past doesn’t mean you will be rejected again. Here are some reasons why bad credit isn’t the end for your future payday loans:

No Single Credit Score

There’s no “national” credit score in New Zealand. Your score isn’t a consistent number, and changes from one provider to another. You can afford to try again.

There’s No National Blacklist

There’s no “national” credit score in New Zealand. Your score isn’t a consistent number, and changes from one provider to another. You can afford to try again.

Every Lender Has Their Own Evaluation

Every lending company will score your creditworthiness with their own criteria and methods. If one lender says no, that doesn’t mean others will say the same.

It’s Not Always About Your Credit Score

Applicants with good credit scores can be rejected as well. It’s not always about your credit score, so provide all relevant up-to-date information.

Don’t Let Your Calendar Dictate Your Spending

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can arrange a payday loan for you.

Understanding Your Credit File

Some people are reluctant to apply for a loan again soon after being rejected because they believe that it makes their application weaker, but this is not the case. Here are aspects of your personal information that are not included in your credit file:

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Student loans (unless you have defaulted)

Speeding icon

Speeding and parking tickets

Declined loaned applications icon

Previously declined loaned applications

Housemates icon

Your housemates or spouse

Missed payments icon

Missed payments and defaults older than five years

Ethnicity icon

You: ethnicity, marital status, religion, race

Medical history icon

Medical history

Child support icon

Child support payment

Investments icon

Investments and savings accounts

Criminal record icon

Criminal record

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Qualify For Your Fast Cash Advance Today

At Zebra Loans, we focus on responsible lending. We can help you with your payday loans if you qualify for our following criteria:


18 years of age


New Zealand citizen or resident within New Zealand


Earning a minimum of $400 per week


Computer access and mobile phone access, for verification codes and applications


Permanent employee of your company


An active bank account for at least one pay cycle


Active email address


Your pay is electronically transferred to your bank account regularly


ID for first-time applications: NZ passport (current or expired within 2 years), overseas passport (current), NZ Refugee Travel Document, NZ Emergency Travel Document, NZ Firearms License

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Online Loan Calculator

Kiwis Deserve Transparency And Efficiency

Use our online calculator below to find out how much you may be able to borrow. Your potential loan amounts will vary depending on a number of factors. Rates and fees are displayed to give you a complete understanding of your personal loan:

Find out how much you may be able to borrow

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Do You Have A Short-Term Financial Problem?

Short-term financial problems can come out of nowhere, but if you don’t deal with them as soon as possible, they can become much bigger issues. Some short-term financial issues you might have include:

Wedding Payments

Paying for a wedding can lead to sudden and unexpected bills popping up everywhere you turn. From catering to venue booking to extra seats to the wedding band, a big last-minute extra fee can empty your savings in no time.

Car Repair

Whether you find yourself involved in an accident or your car just finally decided to stop working, car repairs can pop up at the most inconvenient times. Not only are they impossible to predict, but they are also quite costly.

Medical Emergencies

When you or a family member need to pay a quick hospital or dental bill, you might find yourself short on cash. Medical emergencies can disrupt your monthly budget, but there’s no way to avoid them when they do come around.

Full Payment Savings

You might be in the market for an expensive item – anything from a boat to a car to a new computer – and in many cases, you can actually save money by paying in full instead of paying in installments. With a payday loan, you can pay for your brand new item in full upfront, saving you money right away.

Cash Till Next Payday

Were you a little off with your budget this month? Are you crunching the numbers, only to find that you won’t be able to pay for that last week of food and bills before your next payday? A payday loan is perfect to keep you financially afloat till your next payday.

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There are many other unique short-term financial problems out there, and we’re here to lend you a hand. Let us know in your application and we will review your loan possibilities today.

Fast Approval: How It Works

Our fast application to approval system is an easy 3-step process.

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Step 1:

Apply Online

Select the amount of money you wish to borrow, the term of your loan, and provide all the requested information. Check out our calculator to see how much you may be able to borrow.

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Step 2:

Approval and Transfer

If sent during our normal working hours, we can approve your application and then send your funds within 60 minutes of approval. The money is in your hands almost immediately.

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Step 3:


No hassle, no problem. We automatically deduct your repayments from your account in accordance to the agreed repayment schedule. We never take more than 25% of your income.

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Reliable and Urgent Payday Loans

Zebra Loans prides itself on being a responsible lender. This means that we offer borrower-friendly terms and conditions with absolute transparency. As a customer of Zebra Loans, you are 100% aware of all the fees and charges that will be involved in your payday loan.

Unlike other lenders, you will never experience unfair practices when you loan from Zebra Loans. We ensure that you will only experience the most trusted practices when working with Zebra Loans. Some of these practices you should beware of include:

Predatory Lending – Getting loans from lenders who have bad reputations for their service (or no reputation at all), locking yourself in unfavorable terms and interest rates.

Unfair Collateral – Other lenders might ask for collateral for secured loans, and the collateral they demand may be too much for your loan. At Zebra Loans our loans are unsecured, thus requiring no collateral and risk.

Loan Flipping – When a borrower is unable to pay back the loan and the lender convinces them to refinance it with higher interest rates and greater fees. They may frame this as a kind of debt consolidation.

Our Happy Customers


- Sarah M.

“Such an efficient process you have. Thank you so so much for all your help. I really appreciate it and will continue to use your company in future.”

- Pauline F.

“Thank you!! Great service. So quick and easy!”

- Nicole G.

“Thank you so much. Your customer service is outstanding.”

FAQ: Maneuvering Bad Credit Finance and More

How many repayments can I have?

At Zebra Loans, the number of repayments you choose can affect your loan and how much you repay. You can repay in a single repayment or up to 6 repayments. These repayments are automatically deducted from your bank account in accordance with your pay cycle; if you are paid weekly or fortnightly, then your repayment will occur weekly or fortnightly.  This applies to all our loans.

Can anyone in New Zealand apply for a loan?

As long as you are a citizen or resident of New Zealand currently residing in New Zealand from Auckland to Christchurch, then you can apply for a loan online. Before applying, please be sure that you meet our other loan approval criteria.

What makes Zebra Loans better than other lenders?

Banks and other financial institutions such as the AMP establishment are great for expensive, long-term loans that will take months if not years to pay off. However, Zebra Loans specializes in quick, easy, short-term loans for unexpected bills and emergencies that need to be paid right away. We don't even mind your bad credit rating. We practice responsible lending, meaning we offer our customers complete transparency for all fees and charges involved, from start to finish.

How much can I borrow?

To find out how much you may be able to borrow, check out our calclulator. It factors in your pay, pay after tax, next pay date, desired number of payments, and more. Call us for more help and information.

Does this service work on weekends?

While our online application system is accessible all hours of the day and every day of the week, our working hours are aligned with normal banking hours, as it is impossible for us to transfer money to your account outside of these hours.

Do I need to present ID?

Yes. To be approved, first-time applicants must provide ID. A New Zealand’s driver’s license is the most common ID, but others that you can present include a NZ passport, overseas passport, NZ Refugee Travel Document, NZ Emergency Travel Document, and NZ Firearms License.