Are Payday Advance Loans Really As Bad As Everyone Says?

  • BY Zebra Loans
  • ON 10 November, 2017

Millions of people live from one paycheck to another. They try their best to manage their budget to be able to meet all their obligations but when unexpected things happen, such as a doctor’s bill, car troubles or the washing machine stops working for no reason at all, their finances become a mess and they might need to borrow money.

Some people swipe their credit cards, others turn to friends or relatives but many people don’t have any other option than having their electricity turned off or leaving some of their debt unpaid. This is where payday advance loans can offer a way out.

There are obviously some negatives when it comes to payday advance loans such as a high interest rate, and a shorter repayment term. It is also not a long-term solution for people who are over indebted. But the positives outweigh the negatives, in the event you use your payday advance loan responsibly. Some positives include quick access to cash – Zebra Loans offers a 60-minute guarantee – flexible repayment terms, and the chance to keep a good credit score.

Zebra loans is a local New Zealand company who offers quick payday advance loans to people in need of instant cash. They are responsible lenders and will not approve your loan if they believe you can’t afford the repayment or if you are already over-indebted.

To see if you qualify for a payday advance loan, visit their website and use the online calculator to determine the repayment amount. Some other requirements when applying for a payday advance loan – you have to be 18 years and older, live permanently in New Zealand, have a permanent job and be able to verify that you have a functional bank account, email and phone number. If all the boxes are ticked, and Zebra Loans is convinced you’ll be able to make repayments, your loan will be approved.

One thing to keep in mind is that it’s a bad idea to apply for a payday advance loan if you are in financial turmoil. Don’t use debt to pay off debt. This will cause you to burrow yourself deeper into debt.

Get in contact with Zebra Loans today and let us help you sort out your emergency with a payday advance loan.

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