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Money makes the world go round – and the world moves fast. With a cash advance from Zebra Loans, you can turn those sudden financial headaches into pleasant memories.

Cash Advance
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Your Early Payday, Today

Sometimes you just need a quick, easy loan. Maybe you have a medical emergency. Maybe your car needs a sudden repair. Maybe you received an unexpected bill that can’t wait for your next payday.

For all those “maybes”, we’re here to be your answer. At Zebra Loans, we provide the painless short term lending you need to clear up any issue that might be weighing on your shoulders. Whether you have bills to be paid or you find a great chance to save money by paying for an item in full, we’re here to give you that extra boost.

Why us? Simple:

  • We accept early repayments, full or partial
  • No penalties for an early repayment
  • Nice, quick, and straightforward application process
  • We ensure an instant 60-minute cash guarantee
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Apply now and get your money today.

24/7 Hours

24/7 Weekend Applications

At Zebra Loans, we love making borrowing money easy. Our online application form is available all day, any day of the week. Applicants can fill in and send their applications over the weekend, with a response on the way as soon as our offices open on Monday morning.

We aim to make this process as fast as possible, because we understand that emergencies should be treated as emergencies. Just complete your application, provide your bank statements, and provide all other requested details, and we will be able to assess, process, and hopefully approve your loan.

What You Need

Qualifying for our loans is easy. Do you check all the criteria below?

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3 months of permanent employment with the same employer

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New Zealand Adult

At least 18 years old, New Zealand citizen or resident in New Zealand

Online and Connected icon

Online and Connected

Internet access and a mobile phone

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Bank and Finances

A bank account in your name, and you must not be Bankrupt

Apply now and get your money today.

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Cash Advance NZ With A Smile

With Zebra Loans, customer complaints are few and far between. We make ourselves responsible for every loan and cash advance we approve. Simply put: we care about your success just as much as our own. At Zebra Loans, we’re here to work together.

Unlike other lenders who might be more limited or unsecured in their process, we make sure to offer a service you can trust always. We try to offer cash advances to as many applicants as we can – because we understand that having great credit history isn’t always easy or even possible.

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Save yourself from tomorrow’s headache. Apply for your cash advance today.

FAQ: Cash Advance Q&A

How much can I borrow with a cash advance?

A Cash Advance can be between $100 and $2000.

How long can this process take?

If an application is sent during normal banking hours – between 9am and 4:30pm on the weekdays – it can be processed and approved with the money directly transferred within 60 minutes.

Can I apply for a loan if I already have debt?

We strongly advise you not to apply for a Zebra loan if you already have debt, as this will increase your financial responsibilities.

How will I receive the loan?

After personal loans and cash advance applications are registered, processed, and approved, our team at Zebra Loans can transfer money directly into the applicant’s bank account within 60 minutes (between 9am and 4:30pm on weekdays). As New Zealand financial institutions are closed at other times, we cannot send loans outside of normal banking hours.

How will I pay back the loan?

Our repayment system is quite simple. Cash loans and cash advance repayments are automatically deducted from your bank account by Direct Debit. The amount of your repayments is based on your pay, and you will never be charged more than 25% of your income per pay period. This ensures that you can repay your loan without a problem.

Why was my application rejected?

There are a number of reasons why an individual might not be qualified for our cash advance loans. Some of these reasons include being Bankrupt, under a No Asset Procedure or Summary Installment Order. You might also not have met all of the criteria listed above. For further information, please contact us.

Our Happy Customers


- Cameron W.

“Thank you, that was fast and painless.”

- Lata B.

“So grateful. You guys are the best loan company I have come across so far!”

- James S.

“Thank you and the Zebra team for being the friendliest loan company around.”

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