Car Repair Loans NZ

Car Repair Loans NZ

Unexpected car and mechanical repairs can be probably one of the most frustrating payouts. Sometimes, we don’t even understand what the repairs are for or about, but told it’s necessary to either be road-worthy or to prevent disasters from happening; and the more unfortunate part is that the costs for car repairs can be surprisingly expensive and unplanned for. Particularly, If your car has been performing all good and well and has shown no signs of anything significantly wrong, you’re likely not prepared to fork out such a large expense to get something fixed.

If money is tight then your first action should be to call the mechanic or auto shop to see how much exactly the work will cost and long it will take. You can then ask friends, family or even call competitors to ensure you’re getting a fair price.

Even if the price and work that needs to be done seem acceptable but you’re still anxious about how you’re going to afford it, then you can always apply for a short-term, cash loan with Zebra. We can even discuss various options over the phone if you’re unsure about anything and, or if you’re a first-time borrower.

You can also apply for a loan to fix your vehicle so it can pass its WOF, money can be in your account in up to 60 minutes, just click apply now.


How Much Cash Can I Borrow?

We understand that people require different amounts of cash for different purposes. To help you identify how much you may  be able to loan in a single transaction, we have built an online cash loan calculator for you. Try out the loan calculator here.

As part of our responsible lending policy, we will not allow you to repay more than 25% of your net pay each period to ensure that you can afford to repay your loan.

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