Bad Credit History? No Problem.

Bad Credit Loans NZ: Get a Loan in 60 Minutes, Even with Bad Credit

We’re not here to scrutinise your past. We’re here to help reinforce your future. We look beyond the bad credit to find your best loan path. Because it’s not the bad credit making the loan; it’s you.

Bad Credit Loans
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For Loan Applicants With Even the Worst Credit

Bad credit history can make it feel like the whole world is against you, particularly when it comes to taking out a loan. Most banks and lending companies just don’t want to take the risk, as they’re worried about their investment more than your needs.

At Zebra Loans, we work with a different style. We understand that bad credit isn’t always so black and white. We’ve approved loans to countless people with bad credit for reasons that were beyond their control, but were never given a second chance. While we do have responsible lending criteria to assess for every application, we make an effort to understand your application and situation.

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Unsecured Bad Credit Loans: Let Us Take All The Risk

It can be nigh-impossible to find lenders who are willing to lend unsecured loans to applicants with bad credit history, because it puts all the risk on our shoulders and none of it on yours.

But our team at Zebra Loans finds ways to make the impossible possible. We are no stranger to unsecured personal loans, no matter how bad your credit history might be. When you have difficulty managing a loan with your bad credit score, we offer two kinds of bad credit loans: unsecured personal loans and fast cash loans.

Personal Loans

Personal loans are also known as unsecured loans. Unlike secured loans, unsecured loans require no collateral from the borrower. This means that most lending agencies are more reluctant to approve personal loan applications, especially to applicants with bad credit history.

However, Zebra Loans understands that unexpected emergencies and costs happen to us all – everyone deserves a chance at a personal loan when they need it. We try to offer loans to anyone who is eligible.

Personal Loans
Fast Cash Loans

Fast Cash Loans

Fast cash loans or fast loans are for borrowers who need $100 to $1000 for quick and unexpected costs that happen at the worst possible time. Medical bills, car repairs, piling mortgages and other unexpected yet critical bills can occur at any time, and we don’t always have money ready for these big and short-term problems (and we just don’t have time to wait for the next payday).

Fast cash loans allow you to borrow money quick and easy, repaying it slowly with your employment pay.

What You Need

How can you qualify for a Zebra bad credit loan? Here are some of our criteria:


18 years of age


New Zealand citizen or resident within New Zealand


Earning a minimum of $400 per week


Computer access and mobile phone access, for verification codes and applications


Permanent employee of your company


An active bank account for at least one pay cycle


Active email address


Your pay is electronically transferred to your bank account regularly


ID for first-time applications: NZ passport (current or expired within 2 years), overseas passport (current), NZ Refugee Travel Document, NZ Emergency Travel Document, NZ Firearms License

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Save yourself from tomorrow’s headache.

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Bad Credit History: Avoiding the Pitfalls with Zebra Loans

It can be easy to fall victim to common pitfalls and mistakes when you are struggling with getting a bad credit loan. Zebra Loans can help you avoid these issues, such as:

Predatory Lending – Getting loans from lenders who have bad reputations for their service (or no reputation at all), locking yourself in unfavorable terms and interest rates.

Unfair Collateral – Other lenders might ask for collateral for secured loans, and the collateral they demand may be too much for your loan.

Loan Flipping – When a borrower is unable to pay back the loan and the lender convinces them to refinance it with higher interest rates and greater fees. They may frame this as a kind of debt consolidation.

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FAQ: Maneuvering Bad Credit Finance and More

Do I need to give collateral for my loan?

Not necessarily. Collateral is only necessary for secured loans. Zebra Loans offers unsecured personal loans and fast cash loans for borrowers with bad credit.

Which is better: a personal loan or a fast cash loan?

The best type of loan Zebra Loans will approve for you will depend on your circumstances. Rest assured, every borrower is directed to the best path forward.

Why Zebra Loans?

Zebra Loans comes with the reputation to guarantee that you and your terms are in safe hands. We work tirelessly with each and every borrower to make sure they get bad credit loans they need, and can repay it without trouble. Repayment works through an automatic debit from your account in accordance to your pay cycle.

How much can I borrow?

The amount that you may be able to borrow will be determined by your individual circumstances. To help you figure out exactly how much you can borrow in a single loan, we have built an online cash loan calculator, which factors in the interest rate, APR, and more. Try it out here.

Am I eligible for a personal or fast cash loan?

Please visit our Do I Qualify page to see if you are eligible for a loan from Zebra Loans. Contact us for more information.

How long will it take?

Applications can be processed, reviewed, and approved in less than an hour during normal banking hours. If all goes well, we can transfer your loan to your bank account within 60 minutes.

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